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Most people agree that carpooling just makes sense

With over 70% of the cars on the road during peak hour having only one person in them, and public transport crowded and struggling to cope, a simple solution is to utilise the empty seats in the cars already on the road. If an airline experienced only 25% utilisation they would quickly go broke, yet that’s what the majority of cars do every day.

Benefits to society

If we can encourage more people to carpool it will have significant benefits to society:

  • It will reduce the number of vehicles on the road which eases congestion.
  • It will reduce the burden on public transport.
  • It will reduce the negative impacts on the environment from car exhausts.
  • It will reduce the need to build more freeways – with all the upheaval this creates.

So why aren’t we already doing it?

So, if carpooling makes so much sense why are less than 2% of commuters during peak hour doing it? The answer is two-fold:

  • There hasn’t been an easy way for drivers and passengers to get in contact to arrange a carpool trip.
  • There hasn’t been an simple way for passengers to compensate drivers for the effort taken to carry them.

This has led to the creation of Carpool Club – an initiative that aims to address these two hurdles.

Carpool Club uses smart geo-location Apps to connect up Drivers and Passengers taking similar trips in real time while also making the payment facility transparent and easy.

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