How it works - Carpool Club

It’s simple, really

There are two Apps – one for Drivers, the other is for Passengers. These Apps are available free from the Apple App Store and Google Play.

Passengers buy “tokens” from the Carpool Club App which they use to pay for trips.

When a passenger takes a trip they transfer the required number of tokens to the driver.

The Driver can then use these tokens to take trips as a passenger, or cash them in.

How much does it cost passengers?

The number of tokens required for Carpool Club trips depends on the distance of the trip. All trips up to 7.5km require 2 tokens. Longer trips require an additional token for every 7.5km of travel.

Tokens cost $1.10 each (incl. GST) for Passengers to buy and the minimum number required to buy is 10.

What about drivers?

When tokens are cashed in the Driver receives $0.90 per token (incl. GST).

Hold up, what about fees?

Carpool Club receives $0.10 per token to cover admin, website, App development and other costs. Pretty reasonable, actually. The other $0.10 goes to pay the GST which Carpool Club does so drivers don’t have to.

Download the PASSENGER App now!

Download the DRIVER App now!

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