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Where does Carpool Club operate?

Carpool Club has launched in greater Sydney, Australia. Greater Sydney includes the Central Coast, Blue Mountains, Southern Highlands and Wollongong areas – predominantly for people commuting to Sydney.

Can more than one passenger book a trip?

Yes – but this must be nominated at the time of booking a trip. Each Passenger must have the same pick up and destination and each will get charged the same number of Tokens. The app will confirm the number of Tokens required before a booking is made.

As a passenger, can I have a pick up location that is different from my home address?

Yes – the default pick-up location is where the App’s geo-positioning locates you but you can change this and enter a different location. This is especially important if your address is a Clearway or other location that is hard to find or does not easily allow vehicles to stop.

Can I use my company car to participate?

It is the Driver’s responsibility to understand and comply with the terms and conditions their employer may have for use of company vehicles.

Will participating in Carpool Club affect my car insurance?

Most comprehensive car insurance policies in Australia allow carpooling arrangements. However, it is each Driver’s responsibility to check with their particular provider and confirm this is the case for their particular situation. Some insurers may require you to advise them that you will be carpooling.

How can I use Tokens earned as a driver to travel as a passenger?

Successful Carpool Club trips earn the drivers Tokens which can be cashed in or used to travel as a passenger on future trips. To use Tokens for passenger trips you will need to download the separate Passenger app which has a white icon instead of blue, and then create a Passenger account using the same email address as for your driver registration. Once this is done you can transfer Tokens from your driver app to your passenger app.

Is there a minimum age to participate in Carpool Club?

Yes, both drivers and passengers need to be over 18 years of age to register in Carpool Club. However, children under 18 can travel as passengers when they are accompanied by their parent or legal guardian for the entire journey. In this instance the child is required to pay the same number of tokens for the trip as the accompanying adult.

How is Carpool Club different to other rideshare Apps like Uber?

The amount that a driver in Carpool Club makes is not enough for them to make a profit. It will cover some, but not all, of the costs of taking the trip. Therefore, it only makes sense for drivers in Carpool Club to carry passengers on trips they are already making. However, the benefits of this are that drivers do not need to have an ABN and Carpool Club pays the GST on their behalf.

As a passenger, can I nominate details for which drivers get sent my trip request? (eg. Drivers that are the same gender as me or over a certain age)?

Yes, there are a number of filters that can be applied to refine the search for drivers. These include finding a driver who is the same gender as you, within a certain age range, smoker or non-smoker, age of car and if their car has hardware to carry baby capsules. Note, however, that the more filters a passenger applies the harder it will be to find a match for the trip.

All trips will require passengers to rate their driver and drivers to rate their passenger. In the future passengers will also be able to filter drivers so that only those with a minimum average rating will be sent their request.

As a driver can I use the navigation feature in Google Maps?

Yes, the DRIVER App has a link to Google Maps allowing the driver to use the navigation feature to direct them to the address requested by the passenger. However, when using this feature drivers must ensure they do not break the law. In NSW, only drivers on a full licence can use this and then, only when the smartphone is secured in a commercially designed and manufactured fixed mounting, the mounting is fixed in a location that will not distract or obscure the view of the driver and where the use of the GPS does not distract the driver.

If drivers do not have a complying mounting system, or for Provisional Licence drivers (P-Platers), the navigation facility should only be used if the passenger holds the phone without distracting the driver.

As a driver, can I choose the passengers whose trip requests I receive?

No, when a driver nominates their trip they will receive any passenger trips that meet the following criteria:

Trips will not extend the driver’s original travel time by more than 10 minutes*.

They can pick up the passenger within 10 minutes* of the booking.

However, after each trip drivers will rate their passenger and passengers will rate their driver. In the future filters will be available that allow drivers to select only passenger that have an average rating above a minimum level.

* Times are estimates only based on traffic information in Google Maps.

As a driver, can I book my trip in advance?

No, trips must be booked on the day of travel as all connections occur in real time. However, a driver can nominate their trip and wait until they receive a passenger match before commencing their journey.

As a passenger, does the driver have to follow the same route as shown on my App?

No, the decision on what route to take is up to the driver. The Carpool Club Apps use routes which are calculated as the quickest but these may include toll roads which the driver may choose not to take. This is allowed – as long as the passenger is taken to their requested destination the actual route taken is up to the driver to decide.

As a passenger, how do I know I’ll be picked up?

In the early stages of launching Carpool Club it’s likely there will be more passengers requesting trips than drivers available to carry them. This means some passenger requests may not be met until enough drivers are brought on board. If no drivers are available to fulfil a passenger’s booking the Passenger App will send a message to the user advising them no drivers were found and alternative travel arrangement will need to be made. If a driver is found you will be able to see where they are and follow the route they take as they approach.

If there are no drivers available for your intended trip please don’t give up on Carpool Club as the service will improve over time as more drivers are recruited.

As a passenger can I take a child with me on the trip?

Yes and no. Children that can be legally carried without the need for a capsule or booster can accompany an adult that is the parent or legal guardian. The child will require the same amount of tokens for the trip as the adult. For children that do require a booster or capsule the following applies:

For boosters, it is the passenger’s responsibility to supply the booster and ensure it is fitted as per local road regulations.

For baby capsules, it is the passenger’s responsibility to supply the capsule and then use the filter in the App to only request drivers with cars that have the necessary hardware to fit the capsule. Note this will greatly limit the cars available for a trip. We also recommend that if a capsule is going to be used the passenger call the driver to advise them of this prior to pick-up.

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