Drivers - Carpool Club

What are the benefits of being a driver?

When you travel alone there are empty seats in your car that go to waste. Being a Carpool Club driver pays you for taking passengers and improves the efficiency of your car which is why we say it’s the smart way to commute. Other benefits of being a Carpool Club driver include:

  • Earn money to pay for the costs of travel including tolls, fuel, parking and the many running costs.
  • Taking passengers can help you use transit lanes for a quicker and less stressful trip.
  • Leave the car at home and use the tokens you earn to travel as a passenger.
  • Meet new people and make your daily commute more interesting.
  • Use the integrated Google Maps Navigation* feature to find your passenger’s destination address.

*This feature available when Google Maps is installed.

Widespread adoption of carpooling will take cars off the road which will reduce traffic congestion and make a positive impact on the environment.

How does it work?

You nominate your travel destination and the app invites you to pick up passenger trips which do not add more than 10 minutes to your travel time. You decide whether to accept or decline these invitations.

Drivers use the App to nominate their travel destination for each trip. The App then searches passengers travelling in the same direction and allocates passenger trips that are estimated not to add more than 10 minutes to your original travel time. You receive an invitation to carry one or more passengers and are advised how many Tokens you are eligible for if you successfully complete the trip. Only one passenger pick up and destination location will be provided but the request may be to carry more than one person on this journey. Where more than one passengers are taken you get the nominated trip Tokens for each passenger. Drivers decide if they want to accept or decline each passenger request. Tokens can then be cashed in where drivers get $0.90 per Token, or they can be transferred to a Passenger account using the same email registration and then used to travel as a passenger on future trips.

Note – when Tokens are cashed in the amount paid equates to around 25 cents per km for short trips to around 14 cents per km for longer trips of 40km or so when ONE PASSENGER is taken. The cost of fuel will vary by vehicle type and traffic conditions, but a 4 cylinder car that can achieve 10 litres per 100km will cost around 13 cents per km to run. In this case a driver taking one person with Carpool Club would have all their fuel paid for.

How do I become a driver?

Drivers need to register on the Driver App to participate in the program and agree with the Terms & Conditions of use. Information required to register includes the following:

  • Licence Number
  • Vehicle Registration Number
  • Vehicle description – make, model and colour.

Drivers must be over 18 to participate in Carpool Club.

What about if I’m a P-Plater? Or if I smoke?

Provisional licence drivers (“P-Platers”) are permitted to participate but this must be nominated at time of registration. Motor cycles and other vehicles without a seat belt are not permitted to participate. Drivers that are smokers need to nominate this at time of registration and Drivers should not smoke during Carpool Club trips unless their Passenger is also a smoker and provides their consent.

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