Carpool Club is LIVE in greater Sydney - Carpool Club

Carpool Club launched in greater Sydney on 8th January 2018 connecting drivers and passengers commuting during peak times. Separate Driver and Passenger apps are used for users to book their trips and the apps connect travellers in real-time. Tokens are used by passengers to pay for trips. These are purchased within the Passenger app and no cash is exchanged during a trip. Drivers can then use the tokens earned to take trips themselves as a passenger or cash them in to pay to travel costs like petrol, toll and parking – not to mention running costs. Widespread adoption of carpooling will make more efficient use of cars on our roads which can help reduce traffic congestion and vehicle exhaust pollution.


Carpool Club can also be used by people attending major events such as concerts and sporting events at places with parking and congestion problems like Homebush Olympic precinct or Moore Park sports stadiums. Drivers get paid which helps offset the cost of parking and passengers get a great alternative to crowded public transport.Adidas